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The Elevator Pitch: An Example

This week's blog will be short, just like your elevator pitch should be! When we sell ourselves we may only have a few moments, so don't waste them.

Here I will show you mine, and in the comments you should share your own. Ask for critiquing and learn from the others here.

“Hi. I’m Tina. I’ve been in Human Resources for more than 25 years. I’m a certified trainer and have done recruiting, employee relations, career and corrective action counseling, succession planning and much more. I’d love the opportunity to talk about how I might become part of your team.”

What’s yours? What have you done? What are you an expert at? Write it down. Read it. Practice it. This may be your only exposure to a potential future employer. You are a product. You want to be a product someone wants. Sell your strong points in that 2 minutes you have with a potential employer. Every product needs a purchaser – someone who is interested in buying the product. How will you promote you as a product? You’ve got two minutes. Go!

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