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Specialized Outplacement Services

Professional. Respectful. Successful. 

Outplacement, and Employee Relations services for companies across the United States. 

Job Interview

Job Elimination Notification

Job eliminations are one of the hardest aspects of Human Resources. Sometimes, through no fault of our own, our jobs are eliminated. Whatever the reasons, HHR is ready to help. Our team will provide professional and respectful Job Elimination Notification services in house for all effected employees. At this time we can also provide these employees with career counseling, and assist them with their next career move, allowing for a smooth and peaceful transition.

On Site Job Fair

At HHR, We understand that downsizing and outplacement can create a negative outlook in the community towards your company. HHR has experience working directly with companies during times of outplacement. Our HR professionals will work with your team to setup an onsite job fair for those effected by downsizing and job loss. These fairs are designed specifically to be catered towards the careers and jobs your employees currently hold. Our goal is to get them ready for their next career move, all while protecting your company's reputation among the community.

Office Conference
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Employee Relations

No matter the size of your company, employee relations is key to the success of all. Mediation, counseling, and termination services are something our team has not only provided in the past, but has proven successful and professional in each. Call us today to learn more about our Employee Relations services, and how our team can provide HR services key to the success of your business.

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